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Expanding Storage disk won't sync

Expanding Storage disk won't sync

Postby jamesmct » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:04 pm

I'm posting this because I went through a mild heart attack last night while trying to upgrade my NAS storage on a volume that spanned 2 disks and there was no posted easy solution. Opening a ticket with ASUSTOR was pointless. A critical ticket went ignored for.... I still haven't gotten any call/response, so I'm not sure how long it'll go ignored.

My scenario was volume was spanned across disk 1 and 4, in a Raid 1 configuration

Following the ADM instructions and process, I went through the management console, clicked expand volume, pulled disk 4 and replaced with a larger volume disk. Let it do its thing for a day or so, came back and saw that it was ready for the other disk to be replaced. Popped that disk out, put the new disk in the sled and returned it to the enclosure. I walked away and assumed it was doing its things, no worries. 3 hours later, I get a text saying that files on the array aren't accessible. I go and look, sure enough, nothing can be seen. the file stubs are there, but whenever I try to access them, nothing. I attempted to SSH into the device, I'd get to enter my u and p and it'd just sit there. I reseated the drive, I replaced the drive with the original one. Nothing seamed to help. My fear was that I had lost everything in the volume. I hadn't done anything to the original disk, so I started focusing on trying to recover what I could. That was going miserably horrible as well. I took a seat and put some long hard thought into what was going on, and something that someone told me WAY back in the day hit me. OS for these NAS devices is typically stored and run from Drive 1, I pulled the OS drive, it doesn't know what to do. So, I reluctantly decided a power cycle. Sat and waited for the beeps, nothing. I got super scared, wanted to throw up, and then reminded myself, the OS runs from Drive 1. I pulled the mirror from the drive 4 bay and slid it into drive 1 bay. Hit the power button and waited with fingers crossed. BEEP BEEP, back online!!!! I slid back in my drive that was in bay 1, the unit resynced. I expanded the volume and good to go.

If you don't want to read my story and hear about my mild heart attack here is what you do.

1. Power down unit
2. Pull the mirrored drive from the enclosure, put it in bay 1
3. reboot
4. Slide second drive into now open bay and allow the system to resync.

I hope that helps. There was literally nothing online that helped me with this. Hopefully the bots will scoop this up and it'll save someone else in the future.
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